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The Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator

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“There are approximately 53 civilizations, comprising approximately 500 planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation.  This Confederation contains those from your own planet who have attained dimensions beyond your 3rd density existence.  It contains planetary entities within your solar system, and it contains planetary entities from other planetary systems.  It is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike, but allied in service according to the Law of One.”

So several alien groups make up the Confederation and I have heard from a couple people who have been before this Council.  They are reluctant to contact people because they only like to communicate using thought-forms or telepathy and most humans on Earth haven’t learned to listen yet and it is uncomfortable for us to be in this situation, perhaps even terrifying.

I have heard mentioned a group of 9 called the Ohalu by Stewart Swerdlow, who have evolved beyond a level where there is physical form, but they remain in service and created a race (I think the Sirians) from their advanced vibrations who are active members of the Confederation.

It is this Council, which is responsible for putting our planet in quarantine at this time and they only help us in ways which will not interfere with our free will.  Because of this, no aliens are allowed to land on our planet.  If they reveal themselves to the population, it will force the non-believers to believe and is against the free-will choice of those individuals.  Apparently they can only help us if most of us believe and wish for their help.

I heard there have been interventions in the past when nuclear devices have attempted to be used because it would impinge on more free wills if the devices were used, or something like that.  I’m not sure if there will or can be other interventions of this type, but there have been UFO’s spotted hovering over many missile silos and bunkers, and the controls on the missiles have been tampered with by the unknown entities.

In “The Law of One: Book One”, it is said that dying from a nuclear blast (not radiation) will cause the person’s soul to become “disarranged” and if not helped, the entity will cease to be a discernable entity.  There are spiritual entities now trying to help those who were killed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but they are still healing from it.  This makes me very concerned about the possibility of a nuclear holocaust, as it will cause unheard of damage to our souls, possibly too great to ever heal.  And what about the effects on the energy of the Earth?  Let us pray this fate isn’t ours.

The Council, which is governing our planet, is located in the eighth octave or dimension in the rings of the planet Saturn.

The Council members are headed by the Nine, and there are 24 members of a subdivision.  These members are not permanent as they evolve to the next level to be replaced by new members on a mission of service to others.  The Nine are the Session Council and are in constant session.  The 24, called Guardians, offer services as requested and faithfully watch.

“The Council operates by means of telepathic contact with the oneness or unity of the nine, the distortions blending harmoniously so that the Law of One prevails with ease.  When a need for thought is present, the Council retains the distortion-complex of this need, balancing it as described, and then recommends what it considers as appropriate action.  This includes:  One, the duty of admitting social memory complexes to the Confederation:  Two, offering aid to those who are unsure how to aid the social memory complex requesting aid in a way consonant with both the call, the Law, and the number of those calling (that is to say, sometimes the resistance of the call); Three, internal questions in the Council are determined.”

Since Maldek—a planet formerly in our solar system-was disintegrated, the Council has been working to untangle the knot of fear created, which binds the former inhabitants to a certain karma.  These entities have been given a 2nd density opportunity to incarnate on Earth as the Bigfoot creatures.

All quotes from “The Law Of One:  Book One” by the L/L Research Group.

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